Use Wikipedia To Become Articulate.

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Wikipedia is a great resource to use when practicing enunciation and to develop articulation skills. It is filled with difficult words and complex sentences that you can use as practice to speak with clarity, and educate yourself on a wide variety of topics.

A great method to practice speaking articulately is to use the random entry feature on the site. Go to the sidebar and click “random article”. This will bring up a page on Wikipedia that you can use to practice speaking clearly. Read the article out loud and even add your own insights, while focusing on how articulate you sound.

Many of the random articles on Wikipedia are on subjects such as historical events, people, art and science. Which means you are becoming more cultured and knowledgable through an expanded understanding of the world.

You are probably very aware of how much time you can spend on Wikipedia, clicking through from article after interesting article. Spend this time building your articulation by simply reading out loud. The articles on Wikipedia are concise, clear and articulate. A perfect example of how to convey a message.

Choose an article that interests you and read out loud for a few minutes, clicking through to other topics as you go along.

Read some articles now on wikipedia to become more articulate.

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